Интервью о Джйотише с пандитом Санджай Ратх, видео.

By Антін Кузнецов
*** Интервью о Джйотише — пандит Санджай Ратх — видео 1ч14мин ***

Интервью про Джйотиш [Ведическую астрологию] с пандитом Санджай Ратх джи:

An interesting and precious interview on Jyotish [Vedic Astrology] with pandit Sanjay Rath ji (1:14′)


The topics of the interview:

When you started to study Jyotish as deep sea of knowledge
What are many branches of Jyotish
Jyotish originated from Rishis
Bhrigu (Nadi’s) Jyotish as huge database of horoscopes
Secret and hidden knowledge in Jyotish
If one Jyotish book contradicts other, then what to do (to clear doubts)
Why people so dogmatically consider Mangalic, Kuja-Dosha, SadeSati and other “bad”.
How Shani and SadeSati influence on relationship/marriage
How Mangala and Kooja-Dosha influence on relationship/marriage
What is Navamsha, what is shows, how to use Navamsha (D9)
What are different meanings of Vivaha
Pingala Nadi and Ida Nadi energies concerning Navamsha
Outside External manifesting of inner Internal ability of person
9th Bhava of the Rashi chart with connection to Navamsha
D60 chart with D9 chart about negativity and baggage of person
Fear of debilitated Grahas in Navamsha (“bad career”)
17 year cycles of Buddha in career (defense form bad language)
What is the difference between Graha Drishti and Rashi Drishti
Emotional and non-emotional types of Drishti (Aspects)
Horas (12+12 hours) in Jyotish about sunrise and sunset — day and night hours
Expansion and compression of the concept of time concerning day and night Hora
Expansion and compression of the concept of time concerning summer and winter Hora
Calendar system with day start from Sunrise and week start from Sunday (Ravivara)
Weekday order based upon the natural speed of the planets
What should be day-off (rest day) in weekly cycle
Professional jyotishi should have day-off in Wednesdays (Buddhavara) — 7th day
About spiritual astrology — spirituality as basis of Jyotish learning and intuitive power
What is Devata — Devatas teach us like a Guru/Teacher and the God
God as the assimilation of every piece of Knowledge available in the whole Universe
Devatas as knowledge about inside Forces, present everywhere and constantly guiding us
Rashi (D1), Navamsa (D9) and c (D60) charts together as 3-level filter (Kavacha)
The secret to learn and remember a lot of Jyotish knowledge — memorizing capacity/memory

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